Giving birth to Birdcage

Giving birth to Birdcage

Giving birth to Birdcage 150 150 admin

I fall into a trap where I don’t feel like my films are as good as others’. It makes me feel like a failure or incapable. Sometimes for many months at a time, I have this thick cocktail of dark feelings in my chest. I watch other movies to escape that feeling, but they are constant reminders of my worthlessness. 

One day, after an intense meditation, I cried those feelings out and afterwards came a state of pure peacefulness. I felt so connected to me, and it felt great.

At that moment this is what I wrote-‘ Our world is not as it seems, it looks like an emporium of pleasures and prizes held within Birdcages that we have to grow wings to access. However it isn’t true, we are the birdcages and the gifts are already inside of us’- I want everyone to realise that feeling of complete comfort in their own skin x

The Journey Begins

written by Alistair Chekaoui